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Instructions everyone must register, including the organizers, children, animators … registration deadline April 2, 2010 for security imperatives RIDEF is limited to 350 people. Add new comment Read more 1 2 next> last »
4 Results Modern Olympics: On economic issues: Economy EPS Sociology April 2011 modern Olympics cover many areas. This article mainly discusses the economic aspect.

Authors: Site BTn ICEM and Marjolaine Billebault Read more 2 attachments Mathematical Adventure: Fermat’s theorem In: Geo> Math History Philosophy in April 2011 Here is a text from an interdisciplinary team, from a mathematical puzzle, also addresses English, french, history, philosophy. It reads “like a novel” while offering exercises which confront.

A mathematical adventure, Fermat’s theorem a document in .pdf – 1.7 MB Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Jeanne Vigouroux Read more 1 attachment The Trouveres In: Geo> History French April 2011 Poets and musicians they compose their texts in the vernacular. The troubadours are, in northern France, the heirs of the troubadours.

Authors: Site Doc2D ICEM and Pierre Peguin More Troubadours In: Geo> History French April 2011 Poets and musicians, historically, the troubadours were the first in Europe to compose poems and songs in the vernacular – the Occitan in this case. Their influence will be huge in Europe: in northern France, where they are quickly imitated, but also in England, Germany (the Minnesinger), Catalonia, Italy, etc. Authors: Site Doc2D ICEM and Pierre Peguin More

By School Chaux-des-Pres on 13/05/08 – 10:33 p.m. Penelope and Duras were really disappointed, but Duros, he did not care completely, he laughed. Duras put a crushing blow. Finally, Pierre Debeaufix awoke, he ran to the garage of Penelope, took his Turbo Terrific and rushed to join the others. In two minutes, he arrived thanks to its turbo giga reactor, Penelope and the others were really happy with him because they were perhaps finally put the thief out of action.

But as they talked, the thief took the opportunity to leave. After an hour, they finally stopped talking. They saw that the thief was gone when they took the Pierre Debeaufix fireball and threw themselves in pursuit.

At one point, they caught him. But the thief flew over the houses, then they went into a store to take a monster truck, because with they can break down the walls of houses to go faster. At one point they smashed a shop window.

When they found him, they put him a shot toothed wheel. Alix 2007-2008

In: GD 86 – Vienna a report meeting Maths Teaching techniques Technical> math research Present: Veronique Gazeau, Anne Arcicault, Solene Baranger, Gilles Tabourdeau Muriel P. Muriel Coirier Philippe Gilg, Anais (Mazeuil), Elisa (St. Benedict), Marine (PES), Christine Fair, Alice, Nolwenn, Emilie (Savigny-sous-Faye), Valerie Pauline Elodie Boutinon Barbara Riondet Delphine Descos exchanges: 1. the schedule (45 ‘): 1 comment Read more CR meeting at the school in November 2018 Coligny Cornet By Muriel Coirier on 12/09/18 – 6:57 p.m. in GD 86 – Vienna meeting report a technical math> educational Measurement Techniques> research math you will find the minutes of the meeting in Christine class at Coligny Cornet school in Poitiers.

Add comment 1 attachment CR – Work on math – GD 86 by the Muriel Coirier 06/12/17 – 10:36 p.m. In: GD 86 – Vienna a report meeting Maths Teaching techniques Technical> mathematical creative teaching techniques> math research for the second year, GD decided to continue its investigations in mathematics. So you will find the minutes of meetings on this subject: Add comment 1 attachment CR meeting in September 2017 – GD 86 By Muriel Coirier on 13/09/17 – 5:18 p.m.

In: GD 86 – Vienna Account made Meeting a Maths teaching techniques technical> research math Present: Muriel Coirier Veronique Gazeau, Christine Fair, Gilles Tabourdeau, Solene Beranger, Annie-Paule Aigron Nadege CM1 / CM2 in St Romain, Christine Dauge Philippe Gilg, Muriel Portron Pauline Ballu CP / EC1, Nathalie Robin, Emilie CP / EC1, Sandra Pauline Martine Trinel Laurie Meslier, Yann Bailly (CE2 / CM1), Jessy Gandon, Elodie Boutinon Thread: Reminder of the approach adopted last year for work on math. Add a comment Read more incentive to mathematical research 2016/2017 by Muriel Coirier the 14/05/17 – 24:28 In: GD 86 – Vienna has issued a Technical Meeting Math> Math Counts> Calculation, Maths Technical Operations teaching> math research This year, the GD has chosen to work on mathematics and specifically on mathematical research.

Many members of the GD tried to engage in this practice but are soon faced with the difficulty to go further with the children. To help us in this work, we select the cards Incentive workbook Research Mathematical Odilon editions. Add a comment Read more 4 attachments Link 33 May 2010 (No.

20) has arrived. By Alain Camille 23/05/10 – 0:05 In: Southwest> GD 33 – Gironde account Meeting an article French teaching techniques> Liaison 33 math research, as expected, comes with sunny days of spring. Its content is rich and varied.

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1 result Results Conference Follow Isabelle Delcambre 19th-Freinet salon Nantes Claude Beaunis on 17/08/09 – 9:50 In: Grand West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique Salon report a French conference> Oral Language Training research> research Notes on Isabelle Delcambre conference followed on “another teaching oral” – Notes of a member of the IDEM 44 Add comment Read more

3 Results Spelling crisis in school By Claude Beaunis on 03/09/09 – 3:24 p.m. In: news a French book> Spelling> spelling reform Spelling crisis in school – and if history showed the way? Andre Chervel Add Comment More Engaging students on spelling – Teaching practices and benchmarks By Catherine Chabrun on 03/11/11 – 7:04 p.m. In: news a French book> Spelling under the direction of Dominique Senore Ed. social stories, Lyon, 2011 10,90 € Add comment know more your practice!

By Catherine Chabrun on 10/02/11 – 10:32 In: Gr. Small ICEM French Book Publishing Announces educational principles> term-creation pedagogical principles> natural method pedagogical principles> experimental teaching techniques groping> Free text February 2011 Natural Learning language, Coll. Tools for the class, 8, 20 € Add Comment Read more

By Christian Chopart the 17/03/11 – 11:19 In: reference text Open Life Education of the cooperative class citizenship teaching techniques> Evaluation> knowledge trees for an alternative to the evaluation room, against the FILING . Text written in 2007, posted on Toil’icem in 2008 do my homework
, was not published by the ICEM, it is now self published by Christian Chopart alone. It will be part of a set of written (short) that are self published.

To each to seize, to honey, take it or discard. http://christian.chopart.free.fr/ a comment
4 Results A Day in the CM1, CM2 in school Lucie Aubrac By Claude Beaunis the 04/05/10 – 11:03 In: a French slice of life movie Maths Life of the cooperative class citizenship pedagogical principles> cooperation> consulting teaching techniques> class organization> worktop teaching techniques> what’s new? teaching techniques> pedagogical techniques retrieval> math research The school Lucie Aubrac is located in Saint-Lumine de Clisson, south of the Loire-Atlantique.

Francois Le Menaheze exercises, part-time, with the balance provided by Nadia Belhamiti. Francois is also a trainer at the IUFM of Nantes. 2 comments Read more A morning in the class of CP-EC1 Jean-Pierre By Claude Beaunis on 07/01/10 – 3:57 p.m.


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